Our Company
Huentity Psychological Consulting LLC recognizes the need for knowledge and interventions to help move our society toward being a truly post-racism society. We provide a host of services to address the issues of race and culture in the United States and the world. Our services are appropriate for individuals, organizations, mental health programs, schools and universities, and communities.

Whether through assessment tools, webinars, speeches, mediation, negotiation, books or other written materials, see what Huentity Psychological Consulting LLC can do for you.

We are a team of counseling and clinical psychologists, professors, speakers, researchers, writers, and attorneys. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience working in our areas of expertise.

We have the following programs available or can tailor programs for your specific needs:

  • Assessing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Transracial or Multiracial Adoption Issues
  • Examining Racial and Cultural Climates in Community Organizations
  • Talking with Children about Race and Culture
  • Working in a Diverse School Environment
  • Recognizing Your Own Biases
  • Evaluating Your Own Racial Identity and How It Affects Your Behavior
  • Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Assessing the Effects of Race and Culture on Testing and Assessment

Our experts have the ability to rely on a wide network of resources to bring you the best and most thorough view of race, ethnicity and culture. You can always be assured that you will be getting the best research, ideas and experts that the area has to offer. The above is just a small portion of what we have to offer, For more information about what Huentity can do for you or your upcoming project email us at                                  or visit our Products page to see more of what we have to offer you.

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