Race is not what you think it is.
Race is not a biological construct. It is a socially created classification that is used to maintain the status quo. Yes, it is true that skin color, hair texture, and so forth, are biological; that is, we do inherit some combinations of these features from our parents. But that these features are used to assign people to different racial categories is social and political--not biological. We do not assign people with brown eyes and blue eyes to different mutually exclusive “racial categories,” and these characteristics are as biological as skin color. 

There are no behavioral, attitudinal or personality attributes associated with a person’s race. Yet there are real implications as to how we treat people based on their racial category. Yet how we treat people is based on the social and political rules that we have learned about race.

Contrary to widespread belief, we do not live in a post-racial world. We are living in a time when racial and cultural issues are pervasive. Just because we don’t talk about these issues does not mean that our social rules about race have disappeared. Just because society does not talk about race does not mean society does not label people and react to them based on those racial labels.

Our society needs to have conversations about race and racism. If these issues are not exposed and addressed, we will continue to follow a road to a dangerous and disastrous society.

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